#powerball Overland Student Wins $1 Million on Powerball

January 4th, 2017

An amusement with the historic $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot earlier this year has resulted in an Overland man becoming the newest Missouri Lottery millionaire.

"I started playing (the Lottery) with the $1 billion Powerball," said Chaz Williams, while claiming his $1 million prize on Oct. 28. "Ever since then, I've bought a Powerball ticket every now and then when the mood strikes."

Williams, 21, purchased his Powerball ticket from Quick Mart, 9725 Lackland Road in St. Louis, for the Oct. 26 drawing. He used Quick Pick to correctly match all five white-ball numbers drawn to win his $1 million prize. If Williams had matched the Powerball, he would have won the jackpot, which was $164 million at the time of the drawing.

"I checked my numbers online. I thought I had won the jackpot when I saw that I had matched so many numbers," said Williams. "I'll take what I got, though."

A graphic design student with an upcoming graduation in 2018, Williams plans to use his $1 million prize to pay the rest of his tuition.

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