#powerball Small Wins Lead to $50,000 Powerball Prize

November 3rd, 2016

Reinvesting the $4 she won on previous tickets led an O'Fallon woman straight to a Missouri Lottery office to claim a Powerball prize. Lucindy Bass won $50,000 - for matching four out of five white ball numbers, plus the Powerball, in the Oct. 22 drawing - after using earlier winnings to buy the lucky ticket.

"I took in a stack of tickets to check and won $4, so I said, 'Just give me two Powerball tickets instead,'" she explained.

Bass would learn in a matter of hours that her decision had paid off, quite literally.

"I got home at about 10:30, and I'm like a little kid and can't wait until the next day when I know I bought tickets for that night," she said of her quick look-up of the night's winning numbers. "So I checked the numbers on my phone and saw that the Powerball numbers matched, then I read all the other numbers off out loud… and I went back and forth. By the fourth number, I said, 'Wait a minute,' and I rubbed my eyes and started all over again."

She finally convinced herself she was seeing the numbers correctly, but it took a screen shot of the winning numbers and a photo of the ticket to convince her daughter that the late-night phone call she received was for real.

"It still feels weird," Bass went on, citing that if the last remaining number on her ticket had been a 1 instead of 17, she would have won the whole jackpot.

She was more than happy with her outcome, though, as she made plans to put the money in the bank and possibly pay a visit to a Florida beach.

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