#powerball Boyne City Lottery Club Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize

August 2nd, 2016

A lucky group of 23 co-workers from Great Lakes Energy in Boyne City, MI is splitting a $1 million Powerball prize.

The 23 Dreams lottery club matched the five white balls drawn on June 15 to win the big prize. They bought the winning ticket at the Up North Party Store, located at 1176 South M-75 in Boyne City. The club missed winning the $153 million Powerball jackpot by just one number. The club's ticket had the number 11 for the Powerball and 10 was drawn.

"We've had a lottery club for several years and everyone who plays does it for fun, no one ever expected to win," said Al Aown, the club's representative. "The morning after the drawing a co-worker rushed into my office to tell me the Up North Party Store had sold a winning ticket."

"When I checked the ticket I couldn't really believe it."

While Aown worked on arranging the details of claiming the $1 million prize, he tried to keep news of the big win quiet.

"There are no secrets in Boyne City," said Aown. "I had messages by the time I got home that night from people asking if we'd won."

"Having a ticket worth $1 million really makes your mind race. To keep it safe, I hid it in the pocket of an old suit in the back of my closet."

Each member of the 23 Dreams lottery club will receive about $43,400.

“It’s not enough to retire, but I know everyone is looking forward to having a nice chunk of cash,” Aown said.

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