#powerball Eagan couple wins $1 million Powerball prize

July 7th, 2016

Luke and Emily Lange have often said that they don't need to win the Powerball jackpot - they would be happy winning enough to be mortgage free.

The Eagan couple's dream came true on July 2, when the first five numbers on the second line of their Powerball ticket matched the numbers drawn that night to win the $1 million prize.

"The kids went to grandma's on Friday night (July 1), so we wanted to go to dinner. The restaurant only takes cash and all we had was a $100 bill," Emily explained. The couple stopped at SuperAmerica, 4200 E. Highway 13 in Burnsville, where "We bought gas, two Mega Millions tickets and two Powerball tickets to break the bill," she said.

As the couple was watching the news on Sunday morning, the winning numbers scrolled across the screen. Emily grabbed the ticket and said to Luke, "We got all of them except the Powerball. We won a couple of hundred bucks!" Luke thought the prize was at least $200,000, so he looked it up online. After he discovered the prize was $1 million, Luke texted family members and asked them to check it. "Our $4 investment turned into $1 million!" he exclaimed.

When Luke and Emily Lange arrived at Lottery headquarters on July 5 to claim the prize, they were still in disbelief. "The last couple of days I've been saying, 'Pinch me! Is it real?'" Luke stated. Emily said, "All of the stars aligned. It's still a dream."

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