#powerball Student Loan Debt Wiped Away With Powerball Prize

June 24th, 2016

A Missouri Lottery player from Liberty is taking a $50,000 check to the bank thanks to a Powerball win. Terrance McCann, an avid Powerball player, used Quick Pick to correctly match four white ball numbers and the Powerball in the April 16 drawing to win his prize.

"I subscribe to the Kansas City Star and, by chance, looked at the winning numbers and quickly became aware that I had matched four or five numbers," began McCann. "It was fairly difficult to focus at work the rest of the day."

While claiming his prize on June 8, the tool and die maker said that his wife was astonishingly calm when she learned that her husband had won $50,000.

"Her reaction was, 'Well, it's your money. You decide what to do with it.' I had to remind her that it was our money," laughed McCann.

McCann, 57, and his wife already have big plans on spending the windfall.

"A portion of this will go towards paying off the remainder of my wife's student loans, which is absolutely fantastic. We will put some aside for retirement, some for our two kids," said McCann, adding that he plans on taking a family vacation to either California or New York with the win, as well.

McCann purchased his winning Powerball ticket from Price Chopper, 896 S. 291 Highway, in Liberty.

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