#powerball Pender Man Wins $250,000 Playing Powerball Power Play

May 1st, 2016

Joseph Schmidt of Pender recently won $250,000 playing Powerball Power Play from the Nebraska Lottery.

There were more than 18,000 Nebraska Lottery winners in the Saturday, April 23, drawings. Among these winners was Schmidt, who purchased his winning ticket at Frazey Fuels, 317 Whitney Street in Pender. The quick-pick ticket contained four of the five winning white ball numbers (19, 35, 46, 59, 62) and the Powerball number (13) from the April 23 drawing for $50,000.

Because Schmidt added the $1 Power Play option to his ticket, his prize was multiplied by the 5X Power Play multiplier for a total of $250,000.

While claiming his prize on April 25, Schmidt told Nebraska Lottery officials that he buys Lotto tickets every week. "The clerks call it the 'Joe Special': a Powerball ticket with Power Play, a Mega Millions ticket with Megaplier, and a Nebraska Pick 5 ticket," said Schmidt. He learned he had won after checking the winning numbers at the Nebraska Lottery website, nelottery.com. "My Sunday morning ritual is to get a cup of coffee and check the numbers," said Schmidt. "I thought it wasn't real, so I called the hotline number and then I woke up my wife to double-check the ticket." He plans to pay bills using his winnings.

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