#powerball Rochester resident is second player to claim $1 million Powerball prize this week

April 19th, 2016

Minnesota had back-to-back $1 million Powerball prize winners from the drawings on April 9 and 13.

Nick Suchla of Rochester arrived at Lottery headquarters on April 15 with his $1 million ticket in hand. As the IT director for the University of Minnesota Rochester, Suchla says he makes the short walk from his office to Carroll's Corn in the Kahler Subway two to three times a week. "I buy a Red Bull and one Powerball or two Mega Millions tickets," he explained. To his good fortune, Suchla decided to purchase a Powerball ticket on April 13 for that night's drawing.

The next day Suchla's wife, Lacey, saw a Facebook post about a Powerball ticket sold at Carroll's Corn winning $1 million on April 13. She knows her husband buys his tickets there, so when he got home from work that day, she asked him if he bought a ticket from that store. He said yes, so she joked with him, saying, "You should look it up-it could be us. Ha! Ha!"

He took her advice and checked the ticket. "I didn’t get the Powerball, but as I checked the other numbers I thought, 'That's strange-they're all the same as on my ticket,'" Nick recalled. "He just stared at it," Lacey said. After Nick determined that the numbers on his ticket matched the numbers drawn on April 13, he said, "That's the $1 million ticket!"

As they received their check, Lacey commented, "It's kind of ironic that we claimed the prize on tax day."

Carroll's Corn is located at 20 - 2nd Ave. S.W. in Rochester.

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