#powerball Churchton Woman Attributes $50,000 Powerball Prize to Good Karma

March 22nd, 2016

A lucky lady who played the Maryland Lottery for the first time in about two years just won a $50,000 Powerball prize in the Jan. 9 drawing!

"I believe it's just good karma," said Jennifer McBride-Scarito of Churchton. She's worked in nursing for 16 years and enjoys helping people and animals. The 46-year-old shared a story with Lottery officials about finding a stray dog and reuniting it with its owner. These and other good deeds she and her boyfriend Bryan Noss have performed over the years finally came back to them, she said.

Jennifer's decision to chase the jackpot happened the day of the drawing. While at home taking down holiday decorations, she and Bryan decided to go to the store for beverages. While there, they decided to buy a few Powerball tickets. "No more than $10 worth," she said.

They visited Captain Kidd's located at 5823 Deale-Churchton Road in Deale and purchased exactly $10 worth of tickets.

Jennifer was asleep during the live drawing, which Bryan watched. He kept going back over the ticket and the winning numbers until convinced of the win. He woke up Jennifer, who remembers her sleepy response: "Stop messing with me." Once she realized Bryan was serious, Jennifer got so excited she called both of her sisters and her stepmother in Texas to share the good news.

Jennifer and Bryan plan to use the prize to pay off their cars and make some home improvements.

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