March 22nd, 2016

A Council Bluffs, Iowa couple's set of lucky Powerball numbers paid off recently to the tune of $50,000.

Debra and Randy Snipes say they have been playing the same set of numbers for almost two decades now and in a Powerball drawing last month all but one of the couple's lucky numbers were drawn.

Debra, 54, said she expected to only win a couple of dollars when she had the couple's Powerball ticket checked at a local gas station last month. Debra purchased the winning ticket at Super Saver, 1141 N. Broadway in Council Bluffs.

"When I went to the gas station to have them checked and buy new tickets she said, 'Do you realize that you've won?'" Debra told lottery employees Friday as the couple claimed their prize at the lottery's regional office in Council Bluffs. "I said, 'Well yeah, we always win like $4 or $8.' She goes, 'No, do you realize that you've won?' And I'm like, 'What are you talking about? I just told you.' And she goes, 'No, you've won $50,000!'"

Debra, who works at an assisted living community in Council Bluffs, said she and her husband have known about their big lottery win for several weeks now, but waited until both of them had some time off of work to claim their prize.

And as for the couple's lucky numbers, Debra said that they are just a set of random numbers her husband picked years ago and has stayed loyal to them ever since.

The couple said a majority of their lottery winnings will be put toward paying off their mortgage.

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