#powerball Full-Time RVers and Magic Valley Couple Win $150,000 on Powerball

March 4th, 2016

Once every four years, the month of February has an extra day in it. February 29, 2016, or Leap Day, now has 150,000 additional reasons for Jim Davids and his wife Laura of Twin Falls to celebrate. Davids won $150,000 on a Powerball ticket with the PowerPlay feature from last Saturday night's draw. Davids says he has played the exact same numbers for nearly twenty years and they have proven to be lucky.

"A few years ago, I won $1,000. Now I've won $150,000. I'm moving my way up. I've only got to get one more number and then I get the big one," said Davids when he claimed his winning ticket in Boise on Monday afternoon. "Once I hit the big one, I'll stop playing the Lottery, but until then..."

Davids and his wife are retired and full-time RVers, traveling the country visiting friends and family, while trying to stay away from Idaho's cold weather during the winter months. The couple had appointments in the Magic Valley which brought them back to Idaho.

The winning ticket, which was bought at Logan's Market in Filer, matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball. The ticket also had the PowerPlay multiplier, turning a $50,000 winner into a $150,000 winning ticket.

The Davids plan to use their windfall to take care of some bills and continue their life on the road.

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