#powerball Springfield Nurse Cashes in on Powerball

February 1st, 2016

Jackpot fever swelled across the country as the recent Powerball jackpot grew to a record-breaking $1.5 billion, enticing thousands of Missouri Lottery players to try their luck on the game. One such player was Springfield resident Allene Mullen, who won a $50,000 prize.

"I rarely play. I played last week, and nobody won, so I figured I'd try again," recalled Mullen, 40, who purchased her Quick Pick tickets for the Jan. 13 drawing from Kum & Go, 2930 S. National Ave., in Springfield.

Later that evening, the mother-of-two eagerly waited for the winning numbers to be announced.

"My daughter and I were hanging out. We saw the numbers on the news, and I had my daughter read them off to me. Then I realized we pretty much had all but one. I was freaking out, we were jumping up and down," said the $50,000 winner.

After getting little sleep, the nurse claimed her prize at the Lottery's Springfield regional office the following day. With the $50,000 haul, Mullen is looking forward to paying off debt and keeping a little more out of her future paychecks.

Mullen added that the $50,000 has given her inspiration to play more in the future.

"I think I'll probably play. You know, I always tell people that they can't win if they don’' play. I think I will probably get a $2 ticket regularly. Why not?"

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