#powerball Anthony Resident Becomes a Millionaire after "Joining the Fun"

January 20th, 2016

Troy Hurst was on his way to Wichita from his home in Anthony last Wednesday when he stopped in Harper to get gas and found himself smack dab in the middle of a "Powerball Frenzy."

"There were so many people in line buying Powerball tickets for that night’' drawing that I couldn't get to the counter," Hurst explained. "I figured instead of getting irritated, I might as well get myself some tickets, too, and join the fun."

When he got up to the counter, Hurst got himself a $10 Powerball Quick Pick ticket with five plays. He couldn't possibly have envisioned that the simple act of buying a Powerball ticket would make him a millionaire!

"I checked the ticket the next day on one of those Check-a-Ticket machines," said Hurst. "The machine said to 'Sign the back of the ticket and redeem at Lottery.' I wasn't sure what that meant." Hurst quickly found out what that meant, though, when the store manager looked at the winning Powerball numbers from the night before and showed Hurst he'd matched the first five numbers on one of his plays to win a $1 million prize!

It was a true occasion when Hurst claimed his $1 million Powerball ticket today. His father Bill Hurst and his business partner Allen Thomas accompanied him to Lottery headquarters. The big winner and his two traveling partners were all wearing black cowboy hats when they arrived at the Lottery.

"I was wearing this hat when I bought my lucky ticket," said Hurst. "I'll be wearing it next time I buy a Powerball ticket, too, and the time after that!"

The other guys' hats apparently aren't the lucky kind. "We didn't win anything," they both said.

Hurst plans to "pay off some notes" with his Powerball winnings, plus do a few little things and put most of the money away for retirement.

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