#powerball Concord Man Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize

January 15th, 2016

Quick hands helped a Concord man keep a $1 million Powerball ticket

from flying out his truck window.

Bart Stimer, 45, matched the five white balls in Wednesday night's drawing to win $1

million. He bought his winning ticket at the Horton Depot, located at 389 South Moscow Road in Horton.

Horton is about 12 miles southeast of Jackson.

"My wife, Kiersten, and I were on our way to race our horses in Cleveland and I stopped to grab a drink on

the way out of town," said Stimer. "I saw the jackpot was getting pretty high, so I bought on Easy Pick


The Stimers trip continued without issue, until they stopped at a toll booth in Ohio.

"I rolled down my window to get a ticket for the Ohio Turnpike and as I pulled away and started to get up to

speed, the Powerball ticket that was laying on my dash almost flew out the window," said Stimer. "I grabbed

it just before it got to the window, and stuck it in a cubby in my truck."

After returning home from Cleveland, Stimer's wife heard someone had bought a Powerball ticket worth $1

million from the Horton Depot.

"When she told me that someone had bought a winning ticket there, I got to my truck as fast as I could to

check my ticket," said Stimer. "I had memorized two of the winning numbers, the 04 and 08, so when I saw

I had those, I thought I might have the winner."

After learning they had the $1 million winning ticket, shock and disbelief set in.

"I won't believe this is actually happening until I make a big deposit at my bank," said Stimer.

Stimer's luck didn't end with winning $1 million playing Powerball Wednesday. One of his family's horses,

GunninForAFight, won the race they attended in Cleveland that day.

Stimer visited Lottery headquarters on Friday to claim his big prize. With his winnings, he plans to pay off

debt and set up college funds for his three children.

"I'm happy to have won $1 million. It won't change our lifestyle, we'll be the same people we've always

been, we'll just be a little more comfortable," Stimer said.

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