#powerball Power Play Boosts $50,000 Powerball Prize to $150,000 for a Lucky Farmington Hills Woman

January 15th, 2016

A Farmington Hills woman had to look twice before realizing she had won a $150,000 Powerball prize from the Michigan Lottery.

Roxanne Chatman's ticket matched four of the white balls 16-32-34-57 and the Powerball 13  drawn on Saturday to win a $50,000 prize. Thanks to the Power Play, her prize was multiplied by three for a $150,000 prize. She bought her winning ticket at the 7-Eleven, located at 22069 Farmington Road in Farmington Hills.

"I woke up Sunday morning, and took my husband's and my tickets over to the computer," said Chatman. "I thought I was checking my husband’s tickets first. I always check the Powerball first, so when I saw he had matched '13' I began looking over the other numbers. As soon as I saw he matched four other numbers I ran upstairs and screamed: 'You just won $50,000!'"

It wasn't until Chatman went back downstairs and checked the ticket again that she realized it belonged to her.

"I always play the Power Play and my husband never does," said Chatman. "When I was checking the ticket for a second time, I saw it was a Power Play ticket and knew it was really mine. So, I darted upstairs again, and screamed: 'Actually, I just won $150,000!'"

The skyrocketing Powerball jackpot attracted Chatman to the game last week.

"I usually buy a ticket or two when I see the jackpot has reached hundreds of millions," said Chatman. "I bought two Powerball tickets, one Easy Pick and one where I picked the numbers."

The Easy Pick ticket proved to be very lucky for Chatman.

With her winnings, Chatman plans to make a donation to her church, pay some bills, and reserve enough to pay for a Final Four trip to Houston, hoping she'll be able to watch the Michigan State University Spartans basketball team compete for a national title.

“Winning $150,000 is more than nice! Winning is unbelievable because I’ve never really won anything,” Chatman said.

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