#powerball Rochester, MI Man Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize

January 12th, 2016

A quick reminder to buy Powerball tickets led to a $1 million Powerball

prize for a Rochester man.

Jeffery Grayson, 56, won $1 million playing Powerball with a ticket purchased at the Meijer store, located

at 3175 South Rochester Road, in Rochester Hills. Grayson matched the first five numbers drawn in

Saturday nights drawing to win his big prize.

"We were standing in the checkout line at about 8 p.m. when my wife, Linda, reminded me that we needed

get our Powerball tickets," said Grayson. "I stepped over to the service counter and bought two tickets, but

only gave Linda one of the tickets."

On Sunday morning, Linda got up and checked the ticket Jeffery had given her.

"Linda told me she checked the ticket and it wasn't a winner, but that someone who bought a ticket at the

Rochester Hills Meijer had won $1 million," said Grayson. "As soon as I heard that, my heart started racing!"

"When Linda left the room, I checked my ticket and started screaming for her to come back in! Neither of

us could believe what we were seeing. We took a photo of the ticket and sent it to a few people and asked

them to confirm we had won $1 million."

On Sunday the couple walked around in a daze not knowing if what happened was real.

"It's just so hard to believe we won $1 million," said Grayson. "We were trying for the jackpot, but were just

as thrilled to win $1 million!"

The couple plans to use the money to pay off debt, invest for their retirement, and buy a few Powerball

tickets for Wednesday night's record $1.3 billion jackpot.

"We'll play again on Wednesday," said Grayson. "Winning $1 million is certainly life changing, but winning

$1.3 billion would turn our lives upside down, in a good way!"

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