#powerball Oregon Powerball player wins $2 million

December 24th, 2015

Monte Berry, Jr., of Gresham came in to collect his $2 million prize. Berry won playing Oregon's Jackpot Trio, where customers receive a MegaMillions, Oregon's Game Megabucks and Powerball ticket all at the same time. He doubled his winnings from $1 million to $2 million by purchasing the Power Play option.

"I always play the Jackpot Trio because it is the best bang for your buck," Berry said. "When I checked the ticket online in my pajamas I couldn't believe it. I had my wife check it, then I checked it and then I checked it and then she checked it, we just kept checking it. I went from crossing my fingers to opening my fingers."

Berry, who wants to be on the TV show Survivor, said he is going to buy a new house with his winnings, and he wants to travel with his three kids.

"We haven't been outside the western states," Berry said. "So I will start planning a trip. I am still considering what I am going to do, but it's nice to have these options."

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