#powerball Wyoming Man Claims $100,000 Powerball Prize

December 4th, 2015

Like many people, Gene Knapp bought a lotto ticket, put it away for the drawing and then got busy. Thanksgiving came, then elk hunting and it wasn't until Dec. 3, 2015 that the Upton, WY man was back in South Dakota. Stopping at a convenience store in Sturgis, he checked his Powerball ticket and was told he had to go to the Rapid City Lottery office to claim his prize. Which is where he found out he won $100,000 in the Nov. 18, 2015 drawing.

"I was surprised, kind of excited. I'm still digesting the news," Knapp said while claiming his prize Thursday.

The winning ticket was purchased at Minitman Food & Fuel on E. Colorado Boulevard in Spearfish, who'll receive a $2,000 bonus for the sale. Knapp usually buys his tickets there - Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Dakota Cash – when he's in South Dakota. And he frequently pays the additional $1 for the multiplier on those games that offer it.

"I've been playing Powerball for years and I always get Power Play. I get the Megaplier on Mega Millions, too. I always figured if I ever won, it would be great to have it so you win more," he said.

Which was the case in the Nov. 18 drawing. Knapp hit four of five white ball numbers and the Powerball for the game's $50,000 third prize but because he had Power Play and the Power Play number was 2, it doubled to $100,000. Although he's still adjusting to his winner status, Knapp does have some ideas for how to spend the prize money.

"It puts me in a better position to be retired. I've been doing construction for a long time; maybe now I can taper off on working a little bit!"

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