October 2nd, 2015

The $2 million PowerBall PowerPlay ticket from the last night's drawing was claimed by a Pascoag man. The man, accompanied by his wife, entered the Lottery Headquarters early this afternoon anxious to claim his prize. He bought his ticket on Sunday when he realized how high the PowerBall jackpot had climbed. Surprisingly, the man was not shocked to have won and stated, "I tend to be very lucky." He went on to explain that he has a very positive mindset. Instead of thinking, "I'll never win," when he purchases a lottery ticket, he believes he will win; and he credits his positivity for why he has been so fortunate in life. The winning quick pick ticket matched all five numbers, and because the winner purchased the PowerPlay feature for an additional dollar on his wager, he won $2 million instead of the $1 million standard payout. He and his wife plan to travel with a portion of the money won. "Our bucket list just became more realistic," his wife stated. The couple was also in the midst of searching for a new home, so their price range has now become more flexible. The lifelong Rhode Islanders certainly plan to stay in the state though. The winning ticket was purchased at Quickets, 285 George Washington Hwy., Smithfield.

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