#powerball Barnes-Jewish Co-Workers Share $1 Million Prize

August 26th, 2015

A group of 19 co-workers at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO will be sharing more than office space after they won a $1 million second-level Powerball prize by matching all five white-ball numbers drawn in the Aug. 12 drawing. The group, which works in the medical records section, has been combining their money to purchase Powerball tickets for the past four years.

The winners are: Mary Aubuchon, Lisa Bryant, Robert Campbell, Sandra Davis, Pamela Domian, Carnell Jones, Vikki Kellenberger, Catherine Kramer, Terri Mastis, Michael Meyer, Debbie Porter and Avis Scaife, all of St. Louis; Gail Regnery and Donald Secrease, both of Ballwin; Angela Thomas of Ferguson; Sabrena Dennis of Florissant; Amanda Bock of High Ridge; Janice Paulsmeyer of O'Fallon; and Lori Schobert of Belleville, Ill.

Terri Mastis, 53, purchased the winning Quick Pick ticket for the group at Circle K, 9311 S. Broadway St. in St. Louis, on Aug. 11. Mastis didn't realize they had won the prize until the morning after the drawing, when another member of the group checked the numbers and called her with the news.

"He called me at home and told me we had won - the moment was so surreal," she said. "When I got to work, everyone was laughing and hugging. I think we still can't believe it."

The group will split the jackpot evenly, each receiving around $52,631 before taxes. Mastis said the win will really help many of her co-workers.

"This win happened at a good time. A lot of prayers have been answered," Mastis said. "It couldn't have happened to a nicer group."

Mastis said plans for the winnings include things like new furniture, new cars, trips and paying off bills.

According to Mastis, each member contributes $5 a week, and they play both draws for Powerball and one for Mega Millions. If the Mega Millions jackpot is high, they put in $6 a week and play both Powerball drawings and both Mega Millions drawings. Four or five of the group’s members take turns buying the tickets, and someone makes copies to check, while the actual tickets get locked up at work.

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