#powerball Jefferson City Man Wins $40,000 on Powerball

August 20th, 2015

David Richards, 39, was just one white-ball short from winning a million-dollar Powerball prize on the Aug. 8 drawing, but that's not going to rain on his $40,000 parade. Richards purchased his Powerball ticket on Aug. 6 at Bee Line Snack Shop, 1100 Missouri Blvd., in Jefferson City, MO and used Quick Pick to have his numbers randomly selected.

The Jefferson City resident managed to match four of his white-ball numbers and the Powerball with the numbers drawn, which were: 9, 34, 48, 52, and 54 with a Powerball number of 15. By paying an extra $1 for the game's Power Play feature, Richards multiplied his $10,000 prize by four.

While claiming his prize at Lottery Headquarters in Jefferson City on Aug. 10, Richards recalled when he found out he had won his prize: "I was at a grocery store and decided to check my tickets on the machine. Everything kind of got fuzzy; there were a lot of zeros."

After realizing how much he had won, Richards left the grocery store and returned home to contact his mother and two sons with the good news. At the time of claiming, Richards planned on paying off bills and giving some money to his sons.

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