#powerball Plainville Landscaper Quadruples His Powerball with Power Play Prize and Wins $40,000

June 22nd, 2015

Bill Costello of Plainville, CT didn't actually purchase a Powerball ticket for the June 6th drawing, but he still managed to win a $40,000 prize on that date, thanks to his father's regular “Advance Action” purchase of Powerball with Power Play.

"We're always busy at the shop, so my father is the one who buys the tickets for me," said Costello who owns a landscaping business. "Last night, he checked the winning Powerball numbers on the computer and thought I won $10,000, but when he got to the store and checked the ticket, it was really $40,000. When he told me later, I figured he was probably wrong," Costello said. "This morning, I went out to get coffee and checked the ticket in the ticket checker. It said, 'CONGRATULATIONS $40,000 WINNER,' I didn’t believe it. It still hasn't hit me yet!"

The winning Powerball numbers on June 6, 2015 were 8 - 13 - 18 - 27 - 43. The Powerball number was 15 and the Power Play multiplier was 4. Costello's Powerball "Quick Pick" ticket matched four of the five numbers drawn, plus the Powerball number. Because his Powerball ticket was Power Played for an extra $1 at the time of purchase, Costello's $10,000 prize was automatically quadrupled to $40,000.

"This, I like," said Costello with a playful wave of his over-sized, souvenir winner's "check" for $40,000. "This prize is going right to the bank. I'm putting an addition on my house where my father will live, and this will definitely help to pay some of it."

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