#powerball Macksville Couple Wins $10,000 Powerball Prize

May 30th, 2015

It only seems fitting that after being married nearly 60 years, Fiedellas and Martha Loy of Macksville, KS discovered they won a $10,000 cash prize playing Powerball on Valentine's Day. The happy couple, who will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in April, were shocked when they discovered they had matched four of the first five Powerball numbers and the Powerball to win the cash prize in the February 11 Powerball drawing!

"We were grocery shopping on Valentine's Day when I had the ticket checked," said Fiedellas. "The store clerk wasn't sure how much we had won, but he knew it was more than he could pay out so he printed us a claim form to fill out. Since that was on a Saturday, we had to wait until the following Monday before calling the Lottery office to find out how much we had won. When we were told our ticket was worth $10,000, we were shocked."

Once their ticket was verified by Lottery officials, the Loys put their winning ticket in an envelope for safekeeping.

"We haven't told many people about our win," said Martha. "I was about to bubble over with excitement and had to tell someone, so I told our daughter Jenny. Since we both work for Macksville schools, we decided to wait until Spring Break to claim our prize. Fiedellas wanted to mail the ticket to the Lottery, but we decided not to do that so we could experience the fun of claiming a big prize. I'm glad we decided to claim the ticket in person because this has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

The Loys, who have 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, plan to save their winnings for a trip to the Panama Canal. The winning ticket was purchased at Dillons 9, located at 423 Main St. in Larned.

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