#powerball Wayne County Man Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize from the Michigan Lottery

May 30th, 2015

A detour led a Wayne County man to a $1 million Powerball win on Saturday night.

Steven Cosby, Jr., of Inkster, was on his way to visit his aunt when his father, Steven Cosby, Sr., suggested making a stop to buy Powerball tickets. The 21 year-old Cosby changed course and stopped at his favorite retailer: Mitch's Party Store, located at 37504 Michigan Avenue in Wayne. While there, he bought a Powerball ticket that matched the first five numbers drawn Saturday to win $1 million.

"My dad called me Sunday morning screaming that he saw on the news that someone had won $1 million with a ticket bought at Mitch's," said Cosby, Jr. "My dad was excited thinking I might be the winner. When I checked my ticket and told him I had matched five numbers, we both screamed and thanked God!"

The next phone call Cosby, Jr. made to share his good news was to his mother, Monya Thomas.

"When I talked to my mom she couldn't believe what I was saying. She thought I was misreading the ticket," said Cosby, Jr. "She asked me to read the numbers on my ticket to her and my uncle and as soon as I did that they knew I was a lucky winner."

Having a $1 million winning Powerball ticket in his wallet made the weekend seem longer than usual for Cosby, Jr. and his parents.

"I think we are still in shock because it's so incredible to think that I won $1 million," said Cosby, Jr. "I'm not sure if I will believe it until I get the check to the bank and see my account balance."

With his winnings Cosby, Jr. plans to purchase a white Mercedes GL he has dreamed about owning since he began driving. He also plans to buy his parents each a new car, and take a trip out west to visit family before investing the remainder of his winnings.

"My parents have always taken care of me, and now I can take care of them," said Cosby, Jr.

Cosby, Jr., plans to continue shopping at Mitch's Party Store and buying Powerball tickets.

"Mitch's is a great place to play. My dad has always played the Lottery there and the staff is always really friendly whenever I stop in," said Cosby, Jr. "I'm young and it would be great to win again."

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