#powerball Westville Resident Follows Stranger's Advice - Wins $1 million Illinois Lottery Prize

April 23rd, 2015

Westville resident Chris Vice won $1million after following the friendly advice of a stranger. "I was at the gas station buying a soda when the person in line behind me said, 'The Powerball jackpot is $500million tonight, you should get a ticket.' So I bought a ticket and I won!" The numbers on Vice's Quick Pick ticket matched the first five numbers to win $1 million in the Wednesday, February 11 Powerball drawing. Today, Illinois Lottery officials presented him a large ceremonial check to commemorate the win.

Vice was back at the same gas station when a clerk told him they had sold a $1 million winning Powerball ticket. Using the lottery self-service scanner, Vice checked his ticket. The message 'file a claim' appeared on the screen. "When I saw that message, I knew the big winner was me. I signed the back of my ticket and rushed home!"

The 29 year old small business owner started his own company, Unique Construction, ten years ago. Vice has lived in Westville and the area all his life. He and his wife plan to invest the windfall for retirement and for their three children to go to college. "This win is such an amazing bonus!"

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