#powerball After a change of heart, Alexandria woman wins $1 million playing Powerball

February 11th, 2014

Megan McCormick didn't used to care much about playing the lottery, until about a year ago. Then the Alexandria woman started playing, and it paid off in a big way! She matched the first five numbers in the February 1 Powerball drawing to win $1 million.

"I had this strange feeling all weekend," she said. "Each number I picked was special – a birthday, an anniversary and my age. Then I checked the winning numbers and I thought, 'This is crazy.'"

She bought the winning ticket at Giant Food, 3450 Washington Blvd. in Arlington. On February 6 she returned to the store to receive her prize from the Virginia Lottery. The store received a $10,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

The winning numbers were 5-12-15-27-38 and Powerball number was 7. The only number she missed was the Powerball number. If she had matched all six numbers, she would have won a jackpot estimated at $194 million. Her ticket was the only one in Virginia to win Powerball's second prize in that drawing, and one of just seven nationwide.

Ms. McCormick said she intends to use her winnings to pay off her mortgage and build a college fund for her son.

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