#powerball Atchison Father and Grandfather Claims $1 Million Powerball Prize

December 30th, 2013

Guy Harvey, 61, of Atchison is one lucky Guy. He has two daughters and four grandchildren who adore him and, oh yes, a $1,000,000 Powerball ticket! Harvey came to Lottery headquarters in Topeka today to claim the million dollar prize he won by matching the first five numbers in the December 11 Powerball drawing. He missed hitting Wednesday's jackpot by just one number – the Powerball. The winning numbers were 1-10-13-18-19 Powerball 27. Harvey, who picked his own numbers, had 1-10-13-18-19 Powerball 31 on his $2 ticket.

"I've been playing the same numbers since last year when my mother died," Harvey told Lottery officials. "They're a combination of my mom's birthday and the date she died."

Harvey and his daughters, who accompanied him to Lottery headquarters, agreed that Harvey's mother and the girls' grandmother, who was born on Halloween, was quite psychic. They laughed about coming to the Lottery office on Friday the 13th and were a bit astonished to see a Christmas tree full of red birds in the Lottery lobby.

"Red birds were absolutely my mom's favorite bird," Harvey said. Lottery officials told Harvey that the tree was put up in the lobby yesterday, just in time for Guy and his girls to enjoy it today.

"We definitely feel Grandma's presence," said Harvey's daughters, Dawnyale and Desaray. They are thrilled about their father's good luck.

"Truth is, we're the lucky ones," said Dawnyale. "He is a wonderful dad and no one is more deserving of this than he is. He's worked hard all his life."

Harvey has had the same job for 40 years – working for MGP Alcohol Distillery in Atchison. He says his newfound wealth won't really change anything. He loves living in Atchison and he likes his job. He does plan to take a vacation to Belize, where he has friends living, and also would like to do some deep sea fishing in Florida. A sports car might be on the list, too.

The retailer who sold Harvey his ticket, Atchison Cash Saver, located at 2016 West Highway 59 in Atchison, is eligible for a $1,000 bonus for selling the $1,000,000 Powerball ticket.

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