#powerball First Powerball Jackpot Winner in California Claims $213 Million Prize

November 6th, 2013

Carlo "Carl" Mitchell is a calm man – a VERY calm man. So calm, in fact, that even after he found out someone won the Powerball jackpot from where he buys his tickets, he stayed calm. And even after he saw three of his Powerball numbers flash on the television screen during the news, he stayed calm.

They say opposites attract, and in the case of Mitchell and his wife of 27 years, this may very well be true, because Mrs. Mitchell IS NOT calm. As soon as Mitchell and his wife got home from running errands, he went in the house to check the numbers while she stayed in the front yard to receive a delivery of some furniture. When Mr. Mitchell came back out to tell her they had won, it was a good thing they had a sofa on the front lawn. Why you ask? "Because I fainted, I blacked out right there on the new couch," Mrs. Mitchell explained with a $213 million grin on her face! "I just couldn't believe it!"

The Mitchells plan to donate to their church, help their family and possibly buy a vacation home on the coast.

Mitchell's winning numbers: 3-23-31-34-47 and Powerball number 13, were not a Quick Pick® -- they are one of three sets of numbers he plays each week for each of the Lottery's big jackpot games – SuperLotto Plus®, Mega Millions® and Powerball. "These numbers are random, common, lucky numbers I play all the time," he explained. Lucky they are! And speaking of lucky, Mitchell has continued purchasing Lottery tickets, calmly asking, "Has anyone ever won a jackpot twice?" We wonder if he would be this calm the second time around?

This is the first winning ticket that has been sold in California since the state began participating in Powerball on April 8, 2013, and the first time a retailer has earned a $1 million bonus for selling a winning Powerball ticket in the Golden State! Fast N Easy, which is located at 6451 E. Shields Avenue in Fresno, will be receiving – as we mentioned – a $1 million bonus for selling the winning ticket.

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