#powerball $1 Million Powerball Prize Shared by 31 Coworkers

July 25th, 2013

For a team of coworkers at Phoenix Data in Lycoming County, it was the kind of Groundhog Day experience you wouldn't mind living over and over again. Neil Snyder, Ronald Way, Gary Bennett and 28 of their coworkers pooled their PA Lottery tickets to win $1 million in the Feb. 2 Powerball drawing. Neil, the organizer of the group known as Phoenix Data 31, bought the tickets at the Turkey Hill in Montoursville, Lycoming County. When he checked the winning numbers at palottery.com on Feb. 4, he didn't know what to do. "I at first didn't believe it," Neil said. He considered keeping the news quiet until his boss returned from a trip, but quickly realized he just couldn't keep such a huge secret from his colleagues. "When Neil came into my office, he was as white as a ghost -- I thought he was giving his notice," Ronald said. From paying off mortgages to putting aside retirement money, each group member has different plans for their $32,258 share of the $1 million prize portion. Congratulations, Phoenix Data 31!

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