#powerball Newest Kansas Lottery Millionaire from Osawatomie!

July 22nd, 2013

Nelson Worley, 43, of Osawatomie knows a lot about luck. Worley was clinically dead a year and a half ago after going into cardiac arrest. He was lucky enough to be brought back to life by a Good Samaritan. Saturday night Worley experienced another kind of luck when he matched the first five numbers in Powerball and won $1,000,000!

"First and foremost, I'm lucky to be alive," Worley said. "Winning a million dollars? I never expected that."

"It's his good karma coming back to him," said Shannon, Worley's wife of 12 years. "He is a great husband, father and provider, and he deserves this."

"I could complain, but why?" joked Kansas' newest millionaire. "I'm quite happy."

Worley said he used to always let the computer pick his numbers for him, but about a month ago he started to pick his own numbers, too. His winning $4 ticket had two plays, one with numbers Worley picked himself and the other with numbers picked by the computer (Quick Pick). It was the Quick Pick play that won him the $1 million.

Worley owns his own stucco contracting business, New LLC, in Osawatomie. He and his wife have five children and one grandchild between them. The Worleys plan to use their prize money to pay off their house, buy a swing set and make some investments.

Worley appreciates the opportunity to be able to plan for the future. Memories of his cardiac arrest a year and a half ago are still vivid. He was at a go-cart track in Olathe when his heart stopped beating and he collapsed. Seeing Worley's predicament, a young man jumped off his go-cart and came to Worley's rescue, giving him CPR until first responders arrived.

"We never got that young man's name," Worley said. "But he saved my life and gave me back my future." A future that looks a little brighter financially, thanks to Worley's $1,000,000 lottery prize!

Worley purchased his $1 million Powerball ticket at Casey's General Store 1977, located at 400 Sixth Street in Osawatomie.

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