July 19th, 2013

A Decorah, Iowa grandfather stepped forward Wednesday to claim a $2 million Powerball prize and knew exactly what he would do with the winnings.

"It will pay for everything at the nursing home," Don Johnson said as he claimed his prize. "That takes care of a huge bill, yes it does. That's the main thing."

Johnson, 80, explained that his wife of nearly 50 years, Shirley, is a nursing home resident and he is happy he can dedicate his winnings to her care.

"Let's get the check and go!" he said with a laugh.

The jackpot-winning ticket in Saturday's $131.5 million Powerball drawing was sold in Pennsylvania, while Johnson bought the only ticket in the country that won a $2 million prize that night. The jackpot-winning ticket has yet to be claimed.

Johnson's ticket came ever so close to having a share of the jackpot, matching the first five numbers but missing the Powerball. But because he also had added the Power Play to his easy-pick ticket, his prize multiplied to $2 million.

Johnson, who is retired after owning a bar for a number of years, said he is not a regular Powerball player. He and a buddy play Hot Lotto® together, but on Saturday, he decided to buy an easy-pick Powerball ticket with money his daughter had given him as a Father's Day gift.

"I don't usually buy Powerball that much," Johnson said. "I just bought it before the storm started in that day. I thought I might as well go out and do something for a little bit."

Johnson bought his $2 million-winning ticket at Casey's, 401 College Drive in Decorah. The winning numbers in Saturday's Powerball drawing were 13-19-23-33-57 and Powerball 28.

Casey's will receive a $2,000 bonus from the lottery for the $2 million-winning ticket being sold at its Decorah store.

Johnson, who wryly states that he's the original Don Johnson – never mind the actor by the same name – said that winning a large lottery prize won't change his life. He's just waiting to win the Hot Lotto jackpot with his buddy.

"I'm coming back to claim the jackpot in that game," he said.

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