#powerball Millionaire à la Powerball!

June 1st, 2013

Joseph Liggans of Farmington Hills, MI remembered that he needed to check his numbers from some Powerball tickets he had been holding onto after seeing on the news that a single ticket, sold in Florida, would yield its owner the $590 million jackpot from the May 18 drawing.

Liggans went to his computer and began checking his tickets, separating them into two piles: Player's Club entries and winners. He checked his ticket from the May 11 drawing and couldn't believe his eyes – his ticket matched all five white balls for a prize of $1 million! He couldn't contain his excitement so he called his wife, Benita, to share the news.

Permanent smiles have been affixed to both of the Liggans' faces since Sunday. On May 21, after receiving their prize at Lottery Headquarters, their smiles got a little bigger and much brighter. Liggans and his wife intend on using their new found wealth to establish college funds for both of their daughters and pay bills and are thinking of jet-setting off to tropical Hawaii for a dream vacation!

The winning ticket was sold at the Treasure Island Wine Shoppe located at 24123 W. 10 Mile Road in Southfield.

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