#powerball Maricopa Widow and Arizona Snowbird Become State's NewestPowerball® Second Prize Millionaires

May 19th, 2013

The Arizona Lottery announces its two most recent millionaires, who both came forward this week to claim their respective $1 million Powerball second prizes.

The first winner, a Maricopa woman who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her ticket for the Powerball draw on January 26 at the Fry's Food Store located at 20797 N. John Wayne Parkway in Maricopa. She is a nurse practitioner whose husband recently passed away. As she was going through his papers, she discovered an old Powerball play slip and decided to play his numbers.

While at the same Fry's Food Store buying groceries, the winner checked her ticket. Since the clerk knew that the $1 million Powerball prize hadn't been redeemed yet, she called the manager saying, "She's here!" The winner, clerk and manager all started crying when they realized she held the winning ticket. "It was a shock finding out I'd won," the winner said. "I believe that my husband won the million for me."

The second winner, General Marsh is a retired man who spends his winters in Arizona. He purchased two tickets for the March 16 Powerball draw at the Circle K located at 1605 E. Bell Rd. in Phoenix. Marsh randomly chose six numbers for each of the tickets he purchased and put the tickets away until Sunday when he had time to read the paper. His wife did not believe him when he told her that he'd won $1 million. He countered with "Believe it." This went on three to four times, until it finally registered that he wasn't kidding.

That evening, the couple went to a small dinner party, where he told several of his good friends the news. Two of his friends accompanied him to the Arizona Lottery office to redeem his ticket, since he promised to take them out to lunch.

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