#powerball "Lucky 14" Claim $50,000 Powerball Prize in Minnesota

August 25th, 2017

A group of 14 co-workers from the health information department at Northfield Hospital in Northfield, Minn. have a big reason to celebrate after winning a $50,000 Powerball prize.

"It's been 10 years of dreaming," said Michelle Duffney of Montgomery, who has been pooling her money with the group for a decade. The group now includes 14 people, some who have been around since the beginning, and others who have been a part of the group for less than one year.

Each member of the "Lucky 14" contributes $2 for the Powerball drawing on Saturdays.

It was Tammy Rezac's turn to purchase tickets for the April 22 drawing, but forgot all about it. The Northfield resident ended up purchasing tickets for the drawing on April 26 instead, which turned out to be an incredibly lucky mistake.

One of the group's quick-pick tickets matched four of the first five numbers plus the Powerball number to win $50,000.

It wasn't until May 11 when Rezac stopped at Casey's General Store, located at 521 W. Woodley, in Northfield that she discovered their big win.

"The sales lady asked if I purchased a Powerball ticket here a couple of weeks ago. I said, 'Why did you have a winner?'" She told Rezac about the $50,000 Powerball ticket they sold from April 26 that was still unclaimed.

"I thought to myself who on earth has a winning lottery ticket and doesn't even know it. Turns out, it was me!"

Rezac later called a meeting with the rest of the group members to share the good news. "All I can say was that there was a little profanity, but a lot of excitement," she said.

Laura Colton of Burnsville added, "We all texted our spouses saying, 'We won, but it's my money!'"

The Lucky 14 arrived at Lottery headquarters in Roseville on May 15 to claim their prize. Each group member claimed approximately $3,571 (before the required tax withholdings).

The ladies plan to use their winnings for upcoming vacations and to pay off bills.

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