#megamillions Huge Birthday Surprise for $24 Million Mega Millions Winner

September 14th, 2008

A very lucky 49-year-old woman and her daughter came to Maryland Lottery headquarters today carrying a locked safe.  Inside, was the $24 million Mega Millions winning ticket from last Tuesday's drawing.  As she sat hugging her oversized check, the winner told Lottery officials her story.  


The winner almost didn't purchase the ticket that ultimately made her a multi-millionaire.  "I went to the store to play a $5 Quick Pick ticket," she told Lottery officials.  "After running the $5 playslip through the terminal, I told the clerk to give me another $5 Quick Pick.  I just had a feeling and that second ticket wound up being the winner." 


When the North Carolina native woke up Wednesday morning, on her birthday, she heard that the winning ticket was sold at Carroll Station, the same location where she made her purchase.  "At that point, I just knew it was me," she said.  That's when the mother-of-two checked her neighbor's newspaper for the numbers.


As the winner sat in disbelief with Lottery officials today, she grabbed hold of the oversized check and wouldn't let go. 


Before the win, the grandmother-of-three and her daughter were planning to move out of state.  Those plans haven't changed, but along with a new house, the winner can finally get her dream car "“ a 2009 Lexus truck.


The winning ticket was sold at Carroll Station, located on Washington Blvd. in Baltimore.  "We are so excited that we sold the winning Mega Millions ticket at our store," said the owner, Robert Lyeseight, who will receive $25,000 from the Lottery.

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