#megamillions A Small Hunch Becomes a Big Win

November 16th, 2013

Andrick Humphreys said he had a "small hunch" that he was going to win; he needed money to pay for the college degree that he will receive in December. Humphreys' small hunch led to winning $15,000,000 in the Sept. 16 Mega Millions' drawing.

 The Army veteran is a relatively new player of Ohio Lottery games. Humphreys said he's feeling a little strange, but excited, to be a big winner. He has been telling his friends that he needed to win the lottery before December to pay for his Bachelor of Arts in History from Shawnee University in Portsmouth.

 Humphreys chose the annuity. Before mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent, he will gross $600,000 the first year. For the remaining 25 years, he will gross $576,000 annually.

 Humphreys purchased the winning ticket at Jeep Fuel in South Webster, using the auto-lotto option. The winning numbers were 13-24-39-51-52. The Mega ball number was 44. Located at 10532 N. Main Street, Jeep Fuel receives a $15,000 agent bonus for selling the winning ticket.

  Since 1974, the Ohio Lottery has raised more than $15.5 billion to support   K-12 education across Ohio. The Lottery's fiscal year 2008 transfer to the   Lottery Profits for Education Fund was $672.2 million.


For more information about the Ohio Lottery, its games, winning numbers and its contribution to education, please visit www.Ohiolottery.com.

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